Shanetha Taylor

Shanetha's Story: Getting Her Pre-baby Body Back

After two kids and two C-sections, Shanetha was able to return to pre-baby form thanks to Rush's plastic surgery team.

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Becki Clark

Becki's Story: Looking Like Herself Again

Becki suffered severe facial injuries after a traumatic biking injury. Today, she's facing the world with confidence.

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Regan, Bobbi and Erin

Regan, Bobbi and Erin's Story: Skin Care Is a Family Affair

Regan, her mom and her sister turned to a Rush dermatologist to make sure they looked their best on Ragan's wedding day.

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Jennifer Grenier

Jennifer's Story: How Bariatric Surgery Changed My Life

A Rush nurse who struggled with weight her entire life decided it was time to take action.

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